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We’ve include links to healthy services from an alliance that may be of assistance towards improving your Health and Well Being.

Its filled with health and medical professionals across various aspects of the health community, each specialising in a a form of a healthy service or medical support that may be of assistance.

Phyiscal & Active Training

Vivos Active is a Personal Group Training organisation located in the Manly area. They run 13 outdoor group training sessions with a mixture of cardiovascular, Boxing, Toning and a combination of style classes for both males and females alike. An Australian initiative to promote information about depression. Sydney based unit specialising in research and treatment of depression and bipolar affective disorders. An independent organisation offering information and support to all affected by mental illness. The Australian Psychologist association website. A Government website providing information about drug and alcohol addictions and treatments. A federal Government health site. A helpful website offering hope and support for those experiencing suicidal feelings. It is important to note that if you are feeling unsafe that you should consider getting help urgently from your doctor or your closest hospital.