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Welcome to PureLife Pyschology

We provide private psychological counselling and treatments for individuals and couples requiring assistance with their personal and often challenging issues.

Ammata is a Psychologist trained at the University of Sydney and places high value on the pyschological state of individuals and works together with local Medical Practitionors with the primary purpose to resolve existing, ongoing ans new issues for a better quality life.

Purelife Psychology further provides counselling, assessment and management of mental health  services to:

1. Government Job Services Australia / Job Networks

2. Workshop training for businesses and their clientele and staff.

Psychologial Areas of Interest

Aniexty Disorders General aniexty, Social Phobia, Panic Attacks, Aggrephobia, Specific Phobia’s (Gender Height Weight), Obessive-Complusive Disorder.

Mood Disorders Dysthyria, Critical Depression, Bipolar Affective Disorder Depression

Trauma Psychological distress following traumic life experiences (post and recent events, single and multiple episodes) Victims of Crime, Motor Vehicle accident survivors, Work place injuries.

Stress Management Personal, Family and Work

Chronic Medical Illnesses Management (Chronic pain, Headaches, Diabetes

Other Socio-Cultural Mental Health Issues Eating Disorders the Aging population.

Prevent Health Promotion treatments